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Devin Morrissey
April 18, 2018

How Wearable Technology Is Transforming Health

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Fitness plans are getting a digital makeover these days. As our technological advancements continue to grow, so does the popularity of health focused wearable technology and health apps, which has been leading to a rise in personal fitness and overall better wellness tracking.

 This means that more and more people are able to utilize a range of fitness and health options that might not otherwise be readily available to them. With wearable fitness trackers like FitBit and Garmin gaining attention, people are now able to clearly track their activities as well as their diet with partnering apps. This kind of tech acts as a great motivator as it presents a faster picture of progress and can help set future goals.

A Glance at the Benefits of Wearable Fitness Technology

Overall, fitness and general wellness tracking is evolving, and healthcare professionals are hopeful about its positive impact on their patients. According to Arizona State University, “Today, more than ever, Americans have the power to prevent disease by making healthy lifestyle choices. A wide variety of wellness apps and mobile health monitors are empowering individuals to monitor and analyze key health indicators like heart rate and activity and stress levels.” By promoting healthier lifestyle choices, many can expect better management and prevention of certain conditions in addition to their fitness and diet aspirations.

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Smart Accessories That Do More

Beyond wearable technology and their assisting apps, the market is coming up with additional smart accessories to provide more valuable wellness tracking and training. Smart water bottles, for example, sync with Apple Watches, Fitbits, and other activity trackers and can adjust daily water goals to match daily activity levels. There are also new smart headsets that are able to stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for muscle movement which can accelerate the learning process for certain athletic skills such as running, swimming, and cycling. The headset can even help you learn a new instrument. Additionally, there is new technology creating mouthguards specifically made to reduce snoring or teeth grinding, helping those with problematic sleeping habits.

Wearable technology and other smart devices aren’t just for athletes. Wellness encompases all different, unique areas of health and depending on particular needs and goals, individuals can find the right tech and accessories to aid them in their efforts towards a healthier lifestyle.

How Self-Monitoring Is Transforming Health

The innovating way self-tracking devices monitor not only an individual’s fitness journey, but overall health concerns such as sleep and diet are certainly shaking up the healthcare industry. By providing people with a more personal experience in terms of fitness and diet, one-size-fits-all plans are becoming all but obsolete.

However, as perfect as these devices and apps can seem, it’s important, as experts at Medical News Today warn, not to focus on the wrong data: “while the growing trend in self-tracking is being embraced with enthusiasm by users and doctors alike, there is also concern that focusing on the wrong data, or using a poorly designed monitoring tool, can cause people to make their health worse or get into problems that then have to be picked up by health professionals.”

With that in mind, joining this trendy, inventive world will require a mindful amount of research and reading to help ensure you are using the best device and apps for you. Without proper investigation, reading through disclaimers, and consultations with a healthcare advisor, problems can arise that might ultimately do more harm than good.

The unique wearable technology available today is sure to blaze a path for more personalized fitness planning — making the advancement of physical health and wellness an exciting future to look forward to. Being able to customize and design more specific health goals with the assistance of wearable technology helps both patients and medical professionals. By allowing patients to monitor and track their particular concerns, this useful tech can lead to less visits to the doctor’s office and a more comprehensive understanding of wellness objectives and aspirations. Now, people can take better control of their health and start seeing those inspiring results.

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