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Garret Weng
November 13, 2017

2017 Athlete Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday gift guide for athletes

The holiday season is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what to get the athlete in your family. We asked some of our favorite athletes what they're asking for, or what they'd recommend giving someone. Here's the top picks for this year's best gifts for athletes:

  • Bag Deodorizer – Keep you gear and gear bag fresh with a bag deodorizer!

  • Foam Roller – Training can leave you with sore muscles and knots in your back. Stay loose and roll it out with a foam roller!
  • Lock Laces - Loose laces can ruin a good run. Keep them in place with these lace locks. Bonus: you can turn any of your sneakers into slip ons! 


Lock Laces

  • Shower Sandals – There is some nasty bacteria lurking in the showers of hockey rinks and gymnasiums. Keep your feet clean with shower sandals.

  • Vertical Jump Trainer - Your athlete may be fast, but can they jump like leBron? This trainer helps target the lower body muscles specifically used when jumping. 


SKLZ Hopz Vertical Jump Trainer

  • Bluetooth Headphones – When you’re working out, you don’t want your headphones getting in the way. Use Bluetooth headphones to streamline your workout

  • Halo Sport- Halo Sport is a wearable neurostimulator that accelerates the development of muscle memory when paired with training.

Halo Sport

Halo Sport

  • Yoga or training classes - Yoga is a great way to enhance an athlete's ability by building strength, balance, flexibility, and more. A 5-class punch card for a local yoga studio is a perfect gift. 

  • Protein Blender Bottle – Nutrition is just as important to muscle growth as the workout itself. Get in the habit of getting some form of protein within an hour of your workout.

  • Subscription Box - There's a subscription box for every hobby, interest, and budget. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Every month, when your friend or family member recieves their subscription box, they'll be reminded of your thoughtfullness! Here are some of our favorites for athletes:
  • SISU Mouthguard Bundle – A mouthguard is one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in every sport and it's a good idea to replace it every year. Make sure everyone has a perfect smile for family photos!

SISU Mouthguard Bundle

SISU Bundle - Case, spray, and mouthguard for one low price

  • Training Weights – Give the athlete in your life what they need to take them to the next level. Training weights are a great way to build strength and prepare for game time fatigue.

  • Training Parachute – Train for improved speed and acceleration with a wind resistance parachute.
81umncBbqqL._SL1500_ (1).jpg

SKLZ Speed Chute Resistance Sprint Trainer

  • Hand Grip Strengthener- Often times, forearm strength is the limiting factor when using your upper body. Use a grip strengthener to play at your body full max.

  • Training Jump Rope - This is not your double dutch jump rope! It is specifically weighted to help you get a faster swing to help improve agility, foot speed.

Hopefully this athlete gift guide has given you some great gift ideas. Think about what kind of training they do or you can even ask their teammates what they might like. Whatever you decide, remember to order it on time!

Are you an athlete yourself? What would you like to recieve? Let us know in the comments!

team discount mouthguard

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