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Freestyle Scooters Are Rising in Popularity


AWextrapic1Pushing the thresholds and breaking confines in extreme action sports

Freestyle scootering is an extreme sport which involve using stunt scooters to perform freestyle trick, in a manner similar to a mix of BMXing and skateboarding.  Freestyle scootering has developed as a s extreme sport and is rapidly growing in popularity. People participate in it all over the world.  It's in Europe, Australia and the USA where people are setting the standards for professions sport.  Like any sport, scooter riding has its professionals who set the standard for what riders are capable of achieving.  Even this young sport has well-paid professionals who travel the word to compete and show off their skills. 

The occurrence of scooter competitions and events has increased in recent years. Professional scooter competitions are now common sports events. Festivals are attended by thousands of people. Events such as the ISA Championships have attracted the attention of many. The International Scooter Association reached an agreement and hosted the 2019 Scooter World Championships in Barcelona, Spain.  ISA hosts competitions all over the world, including the USA.

In the United States, Founder and Director of United Scooter Association, Samatha Deeder, established the association dedicated to positively promoting and unifying the sport of competitive freestyle scooter riding.  This is an association who places all profits back into the sport to sponsor and host multi-venue competitions across the United States.  The association is focused on uniting the sport, with agreed upon competition formats and standards to bring attention and drive freestyle scooters as one of the world’s top action sports with the Olympics as the ultimate goal.

Keep in mind, these are not your kid’s scooters but professional scooters designed to take the kind of punishment that freestyle scooter riding demands. 

Participating in any sport requires attention to safety and taking the necessary precautions.  With extreme sports, the chance of injury is elevated. Protective gear and equipment is a must.  Certified Helmets, knee pads and mouth guard are all important and all designed for specific reasons.  Each form of protective accessory has a purpose that makes it essential in every extreme sport.  Freestyle scootering involves stunts that include trick jumps and flips at high speeds and safety is paramount for the sport.  These tricks cannot be attempted without the proper safety gear or, somebody will get hurt.

Great strides have been taken to get professional scootering the recognition it deserves and is sure to have a bigger impact on extreme sports in the future.



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