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Sierra Soleimani
July 09, 2015

Fitting your SISU Mouthguard with braces

Braces Mouthguard SISU

A mouthguard that works with braces and doesn't make you look like a very grumpy, uncomfortable chipmunk? Yes please! One of unique features of the SISU mouthguard is it's ability to be fitted with braces. But, STOP RIGHT THERE.  Put down the mouthguard and step away from the hot water.  Now go back and carefully re-read the instructions, or, follow our recommendation and get your guard fitted by the orthodontist. 

You are a champ. You've fitted like a million mouthguards in your lifetime. You got this... Well, you had it, until you got braces. While we are perfectly confident in your SISU Mouthguard fitting abilities without braces, we wanted to take the time to talk you through the process of fitting with braces.

Braces, which cost upwards of $2,000, are a hefty investment and, therefore, warrant protection.  Follow this advice and you will have a perfectly fitted mouthguard that will protect your teeth and your braces. 

If you or your child has braces, it is our recommendation that you have your SISU Guard properly fitted by a dentist or orthodontist. Why, you ask? 

Braces Mouthguard SISU

Just like the Super Cool Ski Instructor meme says, if the guard is fitted directly onto your braces without a barrier, you're gonna have a bad time. 

As thermoplastic polymer of SISU Guard becomes soft and pliable it tends to bind with other plastics. In this state, the mouth guard can bind with the plastic on the dental brackets or any other polymer in your mouth. As someone who wore braces for 3 years, it hurts my teeth just thinking about this. 

An orthodontist will use an aluminum foil or dental wax barrier that will cover the brackets to prevent a potentially very uncomfortable experience. 

One of the unique properties of SISU Mouthguard is it's ability to remold. As your teeth shift during your orthodontic treatment, you can remold your guard to accommodate the change. Your SISU Guard can be remolded for up to 20 times. So, every time you go in for new bands or a general check up, ask your orthodontist to take a look at your SISU to see if it needs to be remolded. 

Dr. Cynthia Fee is one of our all-star orthodontists who regularly fits her patients with SISU Guards during treatment. She warns that there are times during treatment that may not be suitable for the use of a mouthguard. During critical times when your teeth are undergoing rigorous adjustments, your orthodontist may recommend an alternative solution, so not to hinder the progress of your treatment.

Dr. Fee compiled a handy list of bullet points for you to print, review, and bring to your orthodontist to help you fit your SISU Mouth Guard with braces.  

If you have any questions about SISU or the fitting process drop us a line at (800) 444-0570. We're also available on live chat through our website during normal business hours EST. 

Or give us an excuse to use our cool new Facebook comments feature below and we'll be happy to jump right on answering them! 

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