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June 30, 2015

The Ultimate Mouthguard Fighting Championship

 sisu Boil and Bite

5 million teeth are avulsed every year in sports related activities. That's a crazy-high number! Obviously, wearing a mouthguard can reduce the number of dental injuries.  What may not be obvious, is the importance of wearing the right mouth guard. Let's put some commonly used mouthguards through the ultimate mouthguard fighting challenge. 

As athletes and parents, we can keep the number of dental injuries down by following the right safety procedures. Wearing a mouthguard seems like a no-brainer here. But, according to a Swedish hockey study, adding a simple protective barrier for the teeth did not decrease the number of dental injuries in over 5,000 hockey players. The key is to wear the RIGHT mouthguard. 

For our first bout, we put SISU Mouthguard in the ring with an MMA Fan Favorite "The Boil-N-Bite".  

Round 1: SISU Mouthguard Vs. Boil and Bite. 

Custom Fit

According to a study by Crest and Oral B, Boil-and-bite mouthguards are used by 90% of athletes in all sports. But, boil-n-bite guards also among the least protective on the market. Why? It fits well enough, but it doesn't create a true custom fit that is unique to your tooth structure. 

Even though SISU Mouthguard has to be placed in hot (not boiling) water, to allow for it to soften, it is NOT a boil and bite. No, really! We take offense to that!

SISU a thin, re-moldable, custom fit mouth guard, which is scientifically designed to withstand more impact with less bulk. Custom fit guards allow for an individualized fit, which adds the ability to properly breathe, drink and talk. 

Force dissipation

Boil and bite guards have had the same basic design since the 1960’s: thick, bulky and generally made from a rubber-like material such as Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). The purpose of the EVA is to cushion the force of impact, before allowing it to travel to the teeth. 

The unique, perforated design of SISU guards engages the Diffusix process, which spreads the force of impact through the surface of the guard and traps residual forces in the scientifically engineered crumple zones. This is how SISU is able to better protect your teeth from the force of impact. 

SISU Mouth guard

Dental Protection

Now, since our MMA players take some pretty hard hits to the mouth, we recommend using SISU Max Mouth guard for mixed marshal arts, boxing and other full contact sports. SISU Max protects teeth 50% better, with half the bulk of a conventional EVA guard. In grappling or BJJ, which has become our sweetheart sport, SISU Aero will provide a great level of dental protection, while still allowing you to breathe naturally (which is so important!).

SISU mouth guard


According to the American Dental Association, a good mouthguard has all of the following requirements: 

  • Strong and resistant to tears
  • Fit properly and comfortably stay in your mouth
  • Are easy to clean
  • Allow you to talk, breathe and stay hydrated during the game

So, which mouthguard wins round 1? Read our reviews to find out what SISU athletes in your sport think about our custom fit mouthguards. 

team discount mouthguard

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