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Exploring the Real Injuries of Pro-Wrestling

Your Dental Emergency Guide

Let’s be honest, no one actually wants to think about needing an emergency dental visit. It’s much easier to s...

How to Deal With Difficult Parents as a Coach

Team Travel on a Budget: 6 Ways To Save

Eat to Perform: Nutrition Tips for Athletes

Nutritionists and healthcare professionals have long emphasized the importance of balanced diets in athletes, ...

Do Mouthguards and Helmets Prevent Concussions?

Athletes in Non-Contact Sports Are At Risk For Den...


When will lacrosse be in the Olympics?!

Sports That Neglect Dental Injuries

Safety equipment in sport is often overlooked unless the rules require it to be worn. Instead of wearing as li...

Does your sports equipment meet regulations?

Can you imagine walking on the field during championships and losing to the team that was using a hockey stick...

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