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Sierra Soleimani
November 04, 2015

Which SISU Mouthguard is right for me?


So, you've made the descision to purchase the world's most advanced and futuristic mouthguard. Good for you! Now it's time to decide which one is right for you. SISU Mouthguard comes in three different models: Junior, Aero and Max. One of our most commonly asked questions from our customers is "which guard is right for me?". 

Ultimately, the level of protection you want is up to you. None of our mouthguards are sport specific. We do have suggestions on our website for which mouthguard you should use for your sport, but it is just a suggestion based on what most of our customers in that sport prefer. You do not have to stick to that suggestion.

Even when playing the same sport, every athlete plays differently. Some are more aggressive than others. Some are more prone to getting hit in the mouth becuase of how they play. Self assessing your level of potential injury will help you determine which mouthguard is right for you. Aero is our most popular model and it provides athletes with 30% more protection than the conventional guard. But, If you are prone to dental injuries and play a highly aggressive contact sport, go for the Max. 

Let's take a look at the benefits of each of our models:

Aero GuardAero SISU Mouth Guard

Age: 11 & up

Thickness: 1.6mm

Most commonly used in: Roller Derby, lacrosse, water polo, soccer, basketball, hockey (with cage helmet)

Specs: 50% thinner and 30% more protective than conventional mouthguards.

Max GuardSISU Mouth guard

Age: 11 & up 

Thickness: 2.4mm

Most commonly used in: Rugby, football, hockey (with visor helmet), MMA/BJJ and boxing

Specs: 30% thinner and 50% more protective than conventional mouthguards


Age: 6-11SISU Mouth guard

Thickness: 1.6mm

Specs: 50% thinner and 30% more protective than conventional mouthguards.

***Do Not USe 

It's important that you stay within your age category for your dental safety.  For the most adequate protection, please follow our age recommendations a mouthguard that is too big or too small won't protect your teeth if it's not properly fitted. 

Since the mouthguard is custom fit, it will work with almost all mouth shapes and sizes. If you've tried your age appropriate mouthguard and you still think it doesn't fit right, contact our customer service department via chat, phone, e-mail, snail mail, telegraph, or send us an owl. In rare cases where the guard is too big or too small, we will exchange it for the right size.

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