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Sierra Soleimani
February 23, 2017

Where To Purchase SISU Mouth Guards


Combined with its custom and remoldable fit, the SISU Mouthguard has become a game changer for thousands of athletes of all sports.  At a lean 1.6mm thin, the guard allows players to talk, breathe and drink without ever having to take it out.

You might be wondering where you can get your hands on this sorcery (really, it's just science). We are a new(ish) company so you may not find us in the obvious big box sports shops, but here is where you can find them. 

Local Retailers

There are over 700 stores nationwide that carry SISU Mouth Guards. Check out our store locator to find a one near you. If your favorite sports retailer doesn't carry SISU, please ask them to consider it.


You can purchase any of our products directly from our website Shipping is offered for US and Canada customers only. 


All SISU products are eligible for Amazon Prime


You can purchase SISU in Europe too! Visit to order. 

Other International Retailers

We have several distributors around the world who carry SISU products. If you are outside of USA and Europe, please contact us for a distributor near you. 

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