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Sierra Soleimani
March 03, 2017

Mouthguards: Bigger Is NOT Safer

Lacrosse Mouth guard

There's a common belief that bigger is better. Big burritos from Chipotle that are the size of an infant? Sign me up! Big bulky mouthguards the size of hockey pucks? Not so much. Athletes often believe thicker mouthguards provide more protection. When it comes to mouthguards, bigger can actually be dangerous for you. Here's why...

Not all materials are created equal.

Traditional boil-and-bite mouthguards are made from a material called ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Its purpose is to cushion the force of impact, before it travels to the teeth. Mouthguards made from this material are too soft to absorb the entirety of the force of impact, and some of the force will travel through to player's teeth.  

Think of a bowling ball and a mattress. When you drop the heavy object on the soft material, it caves in and compresses to a direct point. Same thing happens when the force of impact hits your teeth. When you get a blow to the face, the force that travels to your teeth is concentrated at that single point. Despite it's bulk, a soft mouthguard will not stop all of this force. 

On the contrary, SISU is made of a non-compressible thermoplastic polymer that does not cave in under pressure. On impact, the perforations oscillate and spread the forces through out the surface of the guard into scientifically engineered crumple zones. These reinforced points of the guard absorb the remedial forces of impact and deflect them away from players teeth. 

SISU Mouth guard Science

The SISU polymer has many cool properties:

  • It is much tougher than other mouth guards, 8 times tougher to be exact, which means it doesn't break.
  • It's non-compressible. This means it doesn't cave in under impact, which is the main reason why SISU athletes have so few dental injuries (0.004%) compared with conventional mouth guards.
  • It softens at lower temperatures than most other mouth guards, and can be handled by the athletes naked hand when dipped into the hot water.
  • The SISU polymer is remoldable up to 20 times - it has a chemical memory, which means it flattens out/goes back to the original flat shape when it's placed in hot water after being fitted.

In combination with its unique perforations and Diffusix™ technology, SISU Mouthguards provide the ultimate protective fortress for your teeth. You’ll be able to start each game with confidence, knowing that no matter how tough the game gets, your SISU is there to protect you.

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