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Sassa Akervall
April 20, 2015

Things you need to succeed - and what to do then...

Do you believe that anything is possible? Well, the fact of the matter is that you really can do more than you think. Our family owned company is a living proof of that. Of course it's helpful if you have a few things in place. Like a great idea, determination, help from others (a bonus) and somewhat of a plan in mind.

So, suppose you move from another country to the USA not knowing the first thing about what you are going to do (besides being a full time mom) because your job was left behind in the old country - in my case Sweden. And suppose someone (in my case my hubby) comes up with a really cool idea that it would be great to try to do something with, but who has the energy and time and knowledge how to do it? Well, what if you run into people who want to help you, who sees the advantages with your idea and sort of push you in the direction of success? Wouldn't you take a stab at it and try to do it?

Well, that's what we did when we realized we had a really cool product that people should know about, the SISU Mouth 

So we dedicated time, money, and neglected a bunch of things we would otherwise have done (just ask our kids). And now 5 years later we have a product line that is known allmost all around the globe. We have  lots of staff and have become quite sharp in the fields of economics and how to run a business (nope, it's not just about cashing in and sitting back - did anyone really think that?)

But one thing that struck us, and why this blog is even up, is that the only reason we are able to bring you a line of terrific mouth guards and night guards is because people believed in our idea from the very beginning. So, no doubt. It's time to give back. But how, where, why where questions we ran into.

Well, having a kid who plays lacrosse was the first clue. Finding a charity for this sport was the next. It's called Fields of Growth. Putting the two together was actually our lacrosse kid's idea.He has been living with drawings, samples, been a test person and focus group. He has seen his beloved basement turn into a storage, been shunned from the TV-area because we needed more room. He has seen his parents in front of their computers on lovely weekend afternoons instead of hanging out with him (not always a bad thing though). And he has been a part of the development of the SISU Lyft flavor spray. But the best idea he ever came up with was when he realized how much he loves lacrosse and that there was a ways of giving back to kids who might not have the same opportunity he has had in life. "Why can't we donate a mouth guard for every mouth guard sold, mom?"

isaak-crop_1Well, we can and we will.

So from now on until the end of the year, for every SISU you buy at regular price on our website, we will donate one to Fields of Growth, where less fortunate kids get a chance to learn how to place lacrosse. All you have to do is to type in the code fieldsofgrowth in the box at check out so we can keep track.

So thanks for the ride, everyone, it has been great fun. Now, let's see what we can accomplish together! Start by clicking here:

You buy. We donate.

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