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Dr. Jan Akervall
January 16, 2020

Taking Dental Protection And Concussion Awareness to a New Level




Three years ago, I was in a meeting with one of the biggest names in academic research regarding concussion monitoring in sports. At the time, all available systems were based on multi sensor technologies and sensors were placed in helmets. The systems were complicated with huge data collection devices that were sitting on the side lines of football fields and data had to be analyzed by experts. The data took months to be interpreted and it was then communicated with teams and coaches only.


During that meeting it struck me that this could be turned into a much less complicated consumer product, and, most importantly, the device should be geared towards the people that care the most – players and parents.


Since that day, we have worked relentlessly to get a smart, user-friendly device that can rapidly give head impact data to individuals so they can make the right decisions about how to play their sport safely.


At ESSI, a research forum at University of Michigan, the conclusion was that a well-fitting mouthguard would be the optimal vehicle for head impact sensors. SISU is the best fitting commercial mouthguard on the market; we knew we were on the right path. We also decided to simplify the sensing to only include one sensor. By doing so, the mouth guard can be individually fitted, without concern for the triangulation of multiple sensors. It also results in much less energy consumption.


After significant investments and tremendous support from National Science Foundation, – SISU Sense is here and ready to change the way we think about safety in sports.


Your teeth are important and so is your head!


Enjoy your new smart device, enjoy SISU Sense

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