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Lisa Edwards
March 27, 2020

SISU: Doing Our Part to Help


Mouthguard manufacturer Akervall Technologies Inc. has shifted from making dental protection for medical, athletic and military markets to protective face shields for the medical community in desperate need of supplies to keep safe as they fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
When the spring athletic seasons came to a global halt, and orders during the busiest season dried up, Akervall faced layoffs and the possibility of having to close Michigan’s best small business of the year. But CEO Sassa Akervall and Dr. Jan Akervall M.D. PhD had a different plan in mind. They, along with their production team, brainstormed a way to help by producing medical shields to help protect people on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.
They currently have a prototype and are ready to start producing 50,000 face shields to start with a PO in hand. They are expected to be distributed to Michigan hospitals to start. They will be ready to distribute the first week of April.
“I cannot express how proud I am with my team. The fact that they are able to keep good spirits up, even though we are facing some real hardships,” Sassa Akervall said.
The medical shields are being produced at ATI headquarters in Saline Michigan. We expect to have all hands-on deck. This is good for our Doctors, Nurses and healthcare providers. This is good for Small Business. This is good for Michigan.

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