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Sassa Akervall
April 20, 2015

MMA, Chris Leben and SISU - a great match!

chris-lebenUp until now, we have been dealing mostly with team sports, such as roller derby, field hockey, lacrosse and icehocky. But I firmly believe in grabbing things as they come your way. This makes my job truly inspirational and exciting and I try to do what I always have done: Go with my gut feeling.

So a couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves involved in a sponsorship with MMA fighter Chris Leben who were going up for the middle weight fight in UFC 155. Just like that, it happened within a day or two. Chris had been away from MMA for a while, we hadn't been in there much at all. It was the perfect time to get onboard -together.

Seeing and hearing Chris Leben getting honestly excited about SISU Mouth Guard 2.4, and also seeing our logo proudly displayed on his shorts and on the banner behind him was like this relationship was meant to be. When you think about it, it's really very simple. SISU is the perfect mouth guard for MMA, boxing and all other sports where a direct hit to the mouth is likely to happen and where you need to be able to breathe to perform you best. And where you need to know that you don't have to worry about a injuries to your teeth. Chris Leben immediately got this and during his training the week leading up to the fight, he told us several times that he really loved the SISU and how it felt in the mouth.

OK, so Chris didn't win his fight. Sometimes we don't win all the battles either. We might be cut off from a deal, not getting product on promised dates, orders getting mixed up, confusion in the office...things happen all the time that could easily bring you down. But we all believe in trying your best, just like Chris did. That doesn't mean that you won't win again. It just means that we all need to try a little harder next time to get ourselves to where we want to be and to do the things we love to do the most.

In Chris's case, it's winning the next fight. In our case, it's getting mouth guard users across the globe to understand that the SISU Mouth Guard has all it takes to keep you breathing, hydrated and safe during your fight, match or game. And to never stop trying being the best at what you do. SISU Mouth Guards can help you along the way. The rest is up to you.

Take care and stay safe

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