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Sierra Soleimani
May 10, 2016

How a Custom Fit Mouthguard Can Improve Athletic Performance

lacrosse mouthguard

Athletes are always trying to gain an extra edge on their opponent, from trying new equipment or going to training camps. Wearing a custom fit mouthguard is one of those little known improvements that can make a huge difference in an athlete's performance. Here is why...


Hands down, a custom fit mouthguard will provide the best protection for teeth. A design that is unique to the player's mouth will remain secure and provide protection to every corner and crannie of their teeth. In 2001, 301 Australian football players reported that wearing a custom fit mouthguard had a significantly lower rate of injury than those wearing an over the counter mouth guard. 


Although it varies from sport to sport, on field communcation is crucial to the game. Take football for example, a sport where there is constant communication. Football players need to be able to make adjustments and call out block schemes. 

A custom mouthguard is thin compared to your average boil and bite. The low profile allows players to not only talk clearly, but also be understood by their teammates. 


Custom fit mouthguards allow players to breathe naturally and take in more oxygen, without slowing them down or making them prematurely fatigued. With this increase in oxygen intake, they are able to remove lactic acid faster and therefore, increase their ability to play longer.  


Staying hydrated is the key to fighting fatigue and prolonging your enduranceBut, wearing a bulky mouthguard can obstruct your ability to drink during the game. Wearing a custom fit guard - especially a perforated one - will allow you to drink easier without having to remove your guard with your dirty hands - yuck! 


It's not uncommon to see youth athletes, or even professional athletes (we see you, Stephen Curry), touch the guard with dirty hands, throw it in the gym bag with no case, or pick it up off the ground and put it back in their mouth.

Your mouthguard is less likely to contract bacteria and other germs if it stays in your mouth the entire game. Unlike conventional mouthguards, custom fit guards allow you to talk, breathe and drink without removing the guard with dirty hands. 

Similar to a fingerprint, everyone has a unique set of teeth. When it comes to the best protection and performance, "one-size fits all" guards are not the solution. Learn more about getting your player in the world's most advanced mouthguards

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