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April 14, 2021

Don't let Your Mouthguard Make You Sick!


How your SISU mouthguard is protecting you in ways you never realized.

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For the past year, we, as a society, have masked-up, kept our distance, and endlessly washed our hands. Team sports, especially contact sports, introduces a new level of challenge to the mission.


SISU provides a lightweight, thin, comfortable custom fit mouthguard that allows you to keep your guard in your mouth the entire game or practice. No need to remove your guard to talk, breathe or drink constantly. This means that you will transfer fewer germs from your dirty, sweaty hands to your mouth.

You wouldn't use your toothbrush after it fell on the ground, would you?

A mouthguard is an ultimate habitat for microorganisms to live. The dark and moist environment is where mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms thrive.

"These concerns are similar to using an infected toothbrush repeatedly or using silverware that has not been cleaned properly," says AGD spokesperson Bruce Burton, DMD, MAGD, ABGD. "Although a mouthguard is recommended to prevent permanent damage to the mouth and teeth, we know it also has the potential to be a reservoir for bacteria...".


Protect yourself from harmful germs and infections:

  • Custom-fit mouthguard - Your mouthguard is less likely to contract bacteria and other germs if it stays in your mouth the entire game. Unlike conventional mouthguards, SISU guards have been scientifically tested and proven to carry no bacteria for this very reason. The perforations allow for better flow of saliva and prevent bacteria from pooling in the mouthguard.
  • Sharing is NOT caring - It's a no-brainer to the adults, but it may not be as obvious for kids. When kids have the same color mouthguards, it can be easy for them to confuse.
  • Brush your teeth before putting on your mouthguard - Carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in your gym back to do a quick clean-up in the locker room.
  • Use a case - Packed with sweaty shorts and dirty cleats, your gym bag is the worst place to store a loose mouthguard. · Clean your guard - Follow these easy steps for a squeaky clean mouth guard.
  • Carry a backup - Always carry a backup mouthguard in case your primary guard gets dirty or damaged.
  • Replace your mouthguard - Like with a toothbrush, bacteria can build up over time. Mouthguards should be replaced every season.

Don't let your guard make you sick. SISU mouthguards protect your teeth and features to support a healthy you.

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