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Sassa Akervall
April 20, 2015

Which mouthguard should you get? 1.6 vs 2.4

When the SISU Sports Mouth Guard rebranded from Protech Dent in 2012, we also introduced a second product, that is a little thicker for even better protection. We decided to call the original SISU Aero (1.6mm) and the new mouthguard SISU Max (2.4mm). So, what is the difference between these guards?

When Dr. Akervall first came up with the idea of the SISU mouth guard, he only worked with the original size, the SISU 1.6 Ultralight. It was clear very early on that the mouth guard could withstand much higher impact without transfer to the teeth than any conventional mouth guard.

SISU's high absorption rate is actually due to the unique design of our Mouth Guards. The perforations in the material oscillate under impact. The non–compressible SISU doesn't cave in under impact, but dissipates the impact forces, or diffuses them if you will, by absorbing energy and spreading the impact over the entire surface of the material instead of causing dental injuries.

But what would happen if we made the guard slightly thicker? Our research team started to explore how they could find the perfect thickness for an even stronger mouth guard that would still give the athlete the ability to drink, breathe and talk.

And so the SISU 2.4 Max was born.

While SISU 1.6 absorbs 92% more impact energy than a conventional mouth guard, SISU 2.4 140% more.

Absorbs 92% more impact
 50% thinner
SISU Plus+
Absorbs 140% more impact
30% thinner
Absorbs 92% more impact
50% thinner
*as compared to a conventional mouthguard

A difference of 0.8 mm gives 50% better protection than the conventional mouth guards (made out of the soft EVA), still allowing the athlete to drink, breathe and talk without any difficulties. Our team sports and Roller Derby players usually prefer the 1.6, which still provides great amounts of protection. We recommend 2.4 guards for higher impact sports, such as MMA and BJJ, Rugby and Gaelic Football.

You can learn more about SISU Guards on our website at

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