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Garret Weng
July 19, 2017

Team Travel on a Budget: 6 Ways To Save



If your kids play a sport of any kind, you are already well aware of how expensive youth sports can be. Youth sports cost not just money, but time form parents.

 From equipment to general team membership fees, most will feel a some strain on their wallet. If all of this wasn’t enough, there is also the occasional tournament. We love our kids and want them to have fun playing sports, but we can still provide for them without spending unnecessary money. Here are 6 tips on how to save a few bucks while traveling for your kids next tournament.


Your kids and their teammates have each other's backs on the field so us parents should too. Chances are at least one of the families on your team lives near you. Consider taking turns driving the kids to tournaments. Taking turns driving the kids to tournaments will save on gas money and give you a break..

Share hotel rooms

The actual hotel room is usually the largest expense of sports team travel. Your kids are probably on board already because they are friends. If you feel comfortable enough with the other parents why not share a room. If you’re lucky they may already be a close family friend you have known for years. Buddy up and grab a room!

Book your room early or look for a group discount

Depending on your team, your team manager may make room reservations for everyone or that may be each parents responsibility. In either case, try to book the room early. Prices go up if you make reservations last minute. Some hotels offer team discounts, so it’s always worth a shot to ask.

Take advantage of hotel amenities and perks

Most hotels offer continental breakfast. It may not be the most amazing food ever, but you are paying for it so why not get your money’s worth. Some hotels and resorts offer complimentary shuttle services to events so remember to ask when making your reservation.

Buy tickets for local attractions through the hotel

When you travel for a tournament, you are obviously there to play the sport, but there may be some free time. Your kids can have a lot of fun just running around the hotel, but there might also be some cools attractions nearby that they insist on visiting. Something like putt-putt or an amusement park. Tickets for these things can be pricey but you can usually get a discount if you buy though your hotel. Go to the concierge in the lobby and first see what attractions are around. Once you have chosen an attraction to fill the time between games, get the cheapest tickets through your hotel rather than at the actual attraction.

Plan meals and team dinners

The bottomless food pit that is a growing child is only intensified at tournaments. The daily schedules are jam packed so keeping the kids fueled is a priority. A great way to save money during tournaments is to play meals ahead of time and not eat at restaurants. If you are driving to the tournament, plan ahead and pack coolers of food. Some of your best options are sandwiches and other foods that are ready to eat like potato salad and macaroni. You can even get creative and coordinate with other parents for a potluck style meal. Don’t get jammed last minute at an expensive restaurant. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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