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Sassa Akervall
April 21, 2016

Step Ahead 2016 Honors Sassa Akervall As Manufacturing Leader



The manufacturing industry faces a serious gender gap. Women make up about 47% of the workforce, but only 27% of those women make up the manufacturing workforce.  The Manufacturing Institute has organized the STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Ahead Initiative to promote and honor these women. Every year 130 recipients of the STEP Ahead Awards are recognized for their advocacy, mentorship, engagement, promotion, and leadership in the industry.

Among those is SISU's fearless leader and CEO, Sassa Akervall. 

As we speak, Sassa is in Washington D.C, where The Manufacturing Institute will highlight each honoree’s and emerging leader's story - including their accomplishments in manufacturing.  There will be leadership development sessions, along with the Awards Dinner Gala.

“These 130 women are the faces of exciting careers in manufacturing,” said Jennifer McNelly, executive director of The Manufacturing Institute. “We chose to honor these women because they each made significant achievements in manufacturing through positive impact on their company and the industry as a whole.”

Sassa has grown Akervall Technologies (SISU) since inception. Taking it from her kitchen table to a full fledged production facility without any external investor funding, she has always made sure to hire top talent with top pay. She has carefully selected and mentored each employee, developed strong business strategies and secured key partnerships. We couldn't be more proud to be a part of her team.

Did we mention she's a quick learner? First stop, she's shaking hands with Senator Stabenow. Next stop? "Sassa for Senator"...Just kidding!


Keep up with Sassa's adventure in D.C as she meets the leading women in manufacturing. Follow her on Twitter: @SassaAkervall. 

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