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Rita Shelley
October 06, 2015

You Never Forget Your First Love...

roller derby gear

Our first love is smart, sassy, beautiful and unlike anyone else out there. We saw her for what she was, we came to her with our proposal and were accepted right away.

Our first date was in Chicago. We didn't really know what to expect, but it was love at first sight.  Nobody really saw our first love for what she was, but we understood her incredible potential. And she, in turn, saw in us a promise of something new and incredible, something really worth while. 

We have a lot in common - we are not into the material thing, we play for the love of the sport and we take really good care of our own. We've grown together and never over the years did we feel that we've lost touch.

Our first love helped us grow. She shaped our path and shared our struggles. Her loyalty is unyielding, and even years later, we are still a big part of her life and so honored to continue being the chosen one.

And even though we've both grown a lot over the years and developed new interests, our friendship is everlasting and our love is the kind that withstands the pressure of time. 

Our first love is Roller Derby.

And this video, titled "The Pack", is a dedication to our derby players who've supported us from day one, who recognized us as the mouthguard technology pioneer, embraced us and helped us grow.

First of its kind, it features our sponsored roller derby team from Detroit and our super star Feta Sleeze. It premiered at the WFTDA Playoffs at the Masonic Temple - home of the Detorit Derby Grils

We hope it inspires you. 


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