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Reese Schwank
February 02, 2021

Is Your Mouthguard Actually Protecting Your Teeth?

SISU-2--the best basketball mouthguard will protect your teeth from dental injury


Despite the widespread use of mouth guards in sports, there are more than one million dental injuries per year. After you seriously damage your teeth, you will end up with many visits to your dentist. Many people suffer from lifelong gum and tooth problems after a single injury. The American Dental Association (ADA) has estimated that a severe dental injury's lifetime cost is $15,000 - $20,000 per tooth.


Clearly, you want to get the best mouth guard to avoid serious dental injuries. But how can you be sure that the mouthguard you bought is actually giving you the protection you need?


When you walk into a store to buy a mouth guard, you will see a wide range of designs and prices. How do you decide which one will work best? Each design provides a different level of protection. But how do you know which design has the best protection?


When you look at the packaging, you will see that every brand claims that their mouth guard is the best. Do they offer a warranty? But these claims are not backed by any scientific testing. Talk is cheap.


We desperately need a mouthguard testing standard that measures the actual protective quality of a mouthguard so that you may make a fully informed decision about which brand you should trust to protect your pearly whites. We know that your teeth are well-protected when you wear our SISU mouth guards. But rather than just talking about how good our SISU mouthguard is, we want to prove it to you by testing it alongside every other brand using a standardized method.  We look forward to the day that all mouthgaurds will put to the test!




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