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Sierra Soleimani
January 19, 2016

9 Tips for Balancing School And Sports


With early morning practices everyday, sometimes even traveling, it can be hard for teens to balance academics and athletics. Finding the perfect balance between school, sports, family and friends is the key to high school success. But easier said than done, right? Here are some tips for student athletes to help you stay on track. 

Keep A Planner

Most schools will give out a planner at the beginning of each year (if not you can get one for. As soon as you receive a game schedule or a project due date, put it in the planner before you forget. revisit your calendar at the beginning of every week to check on approaching dates or make corrections. 

Utilize Resources

Take advantage of tutoring services, study hall and extra credit to help stay on top of your academic game. 

Get Motivated

Getting excited about school can be difficult, especially those darn science and math classes! Look into books and movies that will peak your interest about the subject. For example, the movie The Martian is about a man who uses science and chemistry to stay alive on mars. Seeing the real life applications may motivate you to learn in your class. 

Plan Your Time

Know your times. Know what time school starts, what time practice starts, how long it takes to get to and from school. If you are aware of your time, you will be able to better plan for it. Block out this time on your planner so you know how much time you have for study and homework. 

Use Weekends Wisely

Instead of using the weekends to catch up, use the weekends to get ahead. Read next week's chapter.  Start preparing for upcoming tests and projects. This will make the following week a lot easier for you while you're busy balancing practice and games.

Don't Procrastinate

Complete assignments as soon as they are given. Surely, homework and studying aren't on top of the fun list, but poor planning and waiting until the last minute to do an assignment could result in a poor grade. 

Use Travel Time To Study

Whether it's to school or to a tournament, use the time in the car to review notes, study, or read chapters. 

Don't Fall Behind

It's a lot easier to stay ahead than it is to play catch up. Put in the extra effort and time to prevent yourself from falling behind.  

Make Time To Relax

All work and no play can make for a grumpy teenager....or anyone, for that matter. Everyone needs time to relax. Set aside time for yourself to read a book, do a hobby, call a friend or watch TV. 

Life's demands never end. We only get better at dealing with them. With more organization and time management, you will be able to balance anything that life throws your way. 

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