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Sierra Soleimani
December 17, 2015

How to Choose A Basketball Mouthguard

SISU-GO-basketball mouthguard

Although it's not seen as a contact sport, basketball gets it's surprising number of dental injuries. In fact, basketball has the highest number of dental injuries among all sports. Players often site getting elbows to the face which makes sense when you think about the close-quartered nature of the sport. With a 10% chance of enduring a dental injury on the court, basketball mouthguards are not a mandated at any level.  More and more basketball players are making the decision to wear a mouthguard now, especially the professionals. 

Beautiful teeth are expensive. You spend the time brushing them and flossing them, you take them to the dentist, and if they're not aligned, you strap wires on them. All of this takes time and money. With over $500 million spent every year on sports dental injuries, preventing dental injuries will cost you far less money and pain. 

When it comes to dental protection, there's multiple types of mouthguards out there varying in price, protection and comfort. If you decide to invest in a basketball mouthguard, you'll definitely want one that will do the job well and not get in the way of your focus on the game.

A protective mouthguard should have the following qualities:

  • Comfortable
  • Resilient 
  • Tear-resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits properly
  • Should not restrict speech
  • Should not restrict breathing

With most team sports like basketball, communication is absolutely crucial. You yell when you're open for a pass, you discuss strategy between plays or thank the passer when they give you an assist.  With the above characteristics in mind, we have taken a closer look into the pros and cons of each type of mouthguard. 

Types of Mouthguards

Custom Fit, Impressionless  - SISU Mouthguards


  • Inexpensive ($16-35)
  • SISU GO Mouth guard royal blueInstant custom fit - no impressions needed
  • Perforated design provides better protection than boil and bite
  • Perforations allow for natural flow of air and saliva (talk, breathe, drink)
  • Thin and comfortable design (1.6 mm)
  • Re-moldable material helps get the best fit 


  • Non-conventional design may be difficult to fit for first time users
  • No multi-color options

Dental Custom Fityellowglitter.jpg


  • Individualized fit provides better protection
  • Ability to talk and breathe
  • Thin and comfortable - players are more likely to wear it
  • Custom color options


  • Expensive ($100-300)
  • Requires impressions from the dentist (some models allow you to do impressions yourself)
  • Takes time to manufacture in a lab

Boil and BiteDollarphotoclub_50617512-1200x877.jpg


  • Can be conveniently purchased from sporting goods store 
  • Easy to fit
  • Relatively inexpensive ($15-40)


  • Bulky and uncomfortable design inhibits speech and breathing
  • Prone to being chewed on (rendering it completely useless) 
  • Lack of athlete compliance (due to discomfort)

Stock gum-shield-mouth-guard-boil-bite-mouthguard-all-sport-boxing-martial-art-football-hockey-rugby-baseball-karate-cricket-adults-size-light-blue_4079749.jpg


  • Can be conveniently purchased from sporting goods store or pharmacy
  • Inexpensive ($5-10)
  • Easy to fit


  • Only available in limited sizes
  • Inhibits speech and breathing
  • Requires jaw to be closed to hold it in place
  • Lack of athlete compliance (due to discomfort)
  • Prone to being chewed on
  • Deemed as unacceptable as orofacial protective device by the Academy for Sports Dentistry (ASD)

Despite costs, a custom fit mouthguard will provide the best protection to your teeth. In 2001, a study of 301 Australian football players proved that wearing a custom fit mouthguard had a significantly lower rate of injury than those wearing an over the counter mouth guard. This proved that a design that is unique to your mouth will remain secure and provide protection to every corner of your teeth.

Conventional mouthguards are bulky, uncomfortable, and not to mention, gag-inducing. You shouldn't have to dread wearing something that protects you. You deserve the best of both worlds: being protected while also being comfortable.  Investing in preventative dentistry, will save you time, money and pain in the long run. 

team discount mouthguard

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