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Rita Shelley
January 03, 2017

Akervall Technologies, Inc. Announces Patent for NextGen Guard

SISU Mouth guard next gen

SALINE, Mich., Jan. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Akervall Technologies Inc. (ATI) announced the approval of their fifth mouth guard patent for the new SISU NextGen athletic mouth guard, released to the market in October 2016. NextGen is the latest development in ATI's long standing collaboration with National Science Foundation (NSF) which was instrumental in development and production of the SISU family of mouth guards.

"With SISU NextGen, we have used our scientific collaboration with National Science Foundation to optimize the force-dissipating and comfort-enhancing perforation patterns," states Jan Akervall, MD, PhD, President of ATI and Chief Medical Officer.

SISU mouth guards are built on the marriage of polymer science and impact absorption engineering. The polymer is a hard, non-compressible thermoplastic material with several unique properties: soft and pliable when placed in water warmed to 130 F, it fits snuggly around teeth, hardening in minutes; the material dissipates impact forces without caving in; the guard is thinner than any other mouth guard, enabling wearers to drink and speak during use; the guard's chemical memory allows up to 20 re-molds for adjustments to changing teeth or to improve comfort.

The perforation pattern in NextGen has been optimized to make SISU even stronger. The new pattern makes fitting easier, and improves the material strength by oscillating under impact, absorbing forces 30-50% better than conventional bulky mouth guards.

"SISU revolutionized the mouth guard industry by providing superior comfort and protection," says Akervall, "even though there was very little change in the mouth guard market since the 50's, SISU is turning the page again, introducing an even more advanced, scientifically developed product."

About Akervall Technologies, Inc.

Named one of Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the United States, Akervall Technologies Inc (ATI) are the manufacturers of SISU Sports Mouth Guards. ATI is committed to innovation through disruptive, cutting-edge technology that allows athletes to talk, breathe and drink while shielded with ultimate dental protection.

Learn more about Akervall Technologies, Inc. at

CONTACT: Rita Shelley, Director of Marketing, SISU Guard,, 800-444-0570

SOURCE Akervall Technologies, Inc.

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